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Winsor Newton University brushes are a synthetic general purpose brush that is stiff enough to use with fluid oils and acrylics but also soft enough to use with watercolours.  They will not leave brush strokes when used with oils and acrylics.  They offer excellent spring controllability and will last if properly cared for. 

Series 232 brushes are mops which are ideal for broad washes with thinned colour.

Series 233 brushes are rounds for fine detail lines and washes.  Short handle provides more control.

Series 235 brushes are rounds for fine detail lines and washes.  Long handle is designed for acrylic and oil painters.

Series 236 brushes are flat which is ideal for glazing or covering large areas.

Series 237 brushes are bright which means a short flat head.  Creates sharp edges.

Series 238 brushes are fans ideal for blending, softening edges or creating texture.


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Winsor Newton University Series Brushes

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