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Winsor Newton Galeria Brushes were created to be strong, resilient and flexible.  A mix of synthetic filaments provide responsiveness and control for thicker application of colour, whilst maintaining shape retention regardless of how much water is used.  Short handle brushes have a softer head making them ideal for glazing or a watercolour style of painting.  Long handle brushes are made from stiffer filaments allowing thicker applications on tougher surfaces.  

Filbert brushes have a flat head with an oval tip for creating a broad mark with a soft edge. 

Flat brushes are ideal for blending, glazing or covering larger areas.  Synthetic filaments are curved helping to retain the original shape during use.

One stroke brushes have a short handle and are great for washes, edges and shapes.

Round brushes with a long handle are great for fine detail, lines and glazes. 

Round brushes with a short handle are great for fine detail, lines and glazes.  The shorter handle makes them ideal for close up work.

Bright brushes have a short flat head ideal for creating sharp edges with control.

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Winsor Newton Galeria Brushes

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