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Winsor Newton Artist Oil brushes are hand crafted using the finest interlocked Chungking bristles.  The natural curve of the bristle provides excellent spring and is also extremely resilient, retaining its shape for longer than other brushes.  Bristles are stiff and flagged (split at the ends) allowing large amounts of colour to be carried and applied evenly to the surface.  Handle is uniquely crafted to give great balance and control.

Bright brushes have a short flat head creating sharp edges with control.

Filbert brushes have an oval tip that gives a broad brush mark with a soft edge.  They also have a shorter thick shape for extra control.

Flat brushes are great for blending, glazing, or covering large areas.  Having a longer bristle length allows for greater colour carrying capacity.

Round brushes are for fine detail lines and glazes.  A traditional round shape head is ideal for use when accuracy and detail is required.

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Winsor Newton Artists' Oil Brush

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