Staedtler Pigment Liners are great for writing, sketching and drawing.  Long metal tip makes them ideal for working with rulers and templates.  Ink is pigmentd, indelible, lightfast and waterproof. They can be erased easily off drafting paper.  They will not bleed if highlighted.  Cap can be left off for as long as 18 hours without the liner drying up.  Long service life is guaranteed with the PP barrel. 

Set of 4 contains sizes 01 03 05 07
Set of 6 Colours size is 05 orange red purple blue green brown
005 liner is 0.05mm thick
01 liner is 0.1mm thick
03 liner is 0.3mm thick
05 liner is 0.5mm thick
07 liner is 0.7mm thick
1.0 liner is 1.0mm thick
1.2 liner is 1.2mm thick
Calligraphy liner is 2.0mm thick.


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Staedtler Pigment Liner

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