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Canson edition bright white paper is 100% cotton.  One side of the sheet is smooth and one side has a fine grain.  It is ideal for printmaking, ink, drawing, and multi-media techniques.  It has two deckle edges.  It is archival and fee from optical brighteners. 


Legion Stonehenge white paper has a smooth surface that is subtly mottled in the tradition of fine art paper.  It is made of 100% cotton fibres and is ideal for printmaking, watercolour, pencil, pastel and pen and ink.  It has two deckle edges. 


Rising Stonehenge black paper is machine made in the United States from 100% cotton fibres and has two deckle edges.  It ideal for printmaking, drawing and pen and ink.  Has a slightly mottled surface to resemble vellum.  Sheets are buffered with calcium carbonate to help protect artwork from contaminated environments.

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Printmaking Paper

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