Montana Spray Paint is a flexible acrylic matte spray paint. It works on a variety of surfaces including wood, concrete, metal, plastic, canvas and glass. It is fast drying, opaque and has brilliant colour. It is 100% lead and CFC free.



10 Calligraphy Cap – ranges in width from ½” to 3”. It is great for filling in as well as doing fuzzy edged lines.

11 Fat Orange Cap – ranges in width from 3” - 4”. Provides clean lines.


4 Fat Pink Cap – ranges in width from 4” – 5”. Has an average spray.


6 Ma Claim Cap - width of ½”. Great for fine fades with clean cut offs.


18 Needle Cap – ranges in width from .079” to .039”. Small detail lines that are the thinnest with a low pressure can.


17 NY Fat Cap – width of 8”


ORG Skinny Beige Cap – width of ½”


13 Skinny Black Cap – ranges in width from 0.4” to 0.6”. Great for detail.


16 Standard Cap – width of 0.4” Great for detail.


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Montana Spray Caps