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M Graham Oil paint is unique as it is made with pure walnut oil not traditional linseed oil.  Walnut oil gives brilliant colour, clarity, texture, resistance to fading and yellowing.  Paint is solvent free and has no fillers or additives.  Artwork painted by Raphael, Durer and DaVinci centuries later have maintained their lustre and richness.  Why? Walnut oil has a unique refractive index, and colours ground into this fine oil are more jewel-like and bright.  Walnut oil allows for more pigment to be used in each colour resulting in the highest mass tone and tint strength giving great paint saturation and extraordinary colours. 

M Graham Walnut Alkyd Medium this paint, speeds drying, enhances adhesion between layers and increases surface sheen and flexibility while remaining essentially non yellowing.  Ideally suited for alla-prima and glaze applications.  Compatible with all oil paint and mediums. 

M Graham Walnut Oil effectively removes paint from an artist’s brush and is a natural vegetable oil.  It will not evaporate or remove essential oils from an artist’s brush.  Adding walnut oil to paint will slow drying time down, enhance flow and increase sheen.  Compatible with all oil paint and mediums.

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M Graham Oil Paint 37ml

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