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Golden High Flow acrylic is an acrylic paint that can be used many ways – brush, marker, dip pen and airbrush.  Go from thin lines to broad storkes with its ink-like consistency.  Use for staining, levelling, calligraphy, and mixed media.  Formulated with 100% acrylic polymer dispersion resulting in a durable paint layer with excellent water and chemical resistance.  Pigments are finely ground to reduce clogging issues in small tips and nozzles.  Do not thin more than 20% with water as it will change the acrylic properties.  If you need to thin more than 20% use airbrush transparent extender and water.  Using airbrush transparent extender by itself will only increase transparent and lower the pigment amount but it will not thin the paint.  They contain retarders which alter the drying time and thicker mixtures will remain tacky for long periods of time.  Fully intermixable with all Golden products.

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Golden High Flow Paint 4oz