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Golden white gesso is ready to use for painting on most surfaces.  It is flexible and can be applied in thin layers to conform to a variety of different textures without cracking.  For oil painting Golden recommends at least three layers of gesso.  Can be mixed with acrylic colours to produce a range of coloured gesso. 


Golden self-levelling clear gel produces an even film with excellent clarity.  It has a unique resinous, stringy consistency resulting from it levelling property.  It dries to a flexible, high gloss film while imparting a levelling quality to other Golden Acrylic products.  It blends well with Golden Acrylic colours to produce glazes.


Golden high flow medium increases the transparency and film hardness of high flow acrylics.  It may be mixed in any ratio desired for precise control of transparency. 


Golden extra coarse pumice gel will dry to a hard film.  It mixes well with Golden Acrylic paint and creates a concrete like finish.

Golden airbrush medium modifies Golden fluid colours for spraying application by reducing clogging and tip build up during spraying.  Recommended for spraying on garments. It may be used to thin other products such as iridescent/interference acrylics and gesso.  It is not designed to be mixed with Golden high flow acrylics.


Golden glass bead gel is made with genuine glass beads.  It offers a unique effect similar to condensation on glass that is best seen when used in thin films over a light colour to allow the glass beads to be illuminated. 

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Golden Acrylic Mediums

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