Winsor Newton Cotman Brushes are a range of high quality, synthetic watercolour brushes.  They have a blend of differing thickness fibres.  Thick fibres give the brush strength and spring.  Thin fibres improve colour carrying capacity.  These brushes will retain a perfect point use after use. 

Series 111 brushes are ideal for fine detail lines, washes and all purpose watercolour painting.  Great for broad strokes as well as forming a sharp point.

Series 222 brushes have an elongated round head for precise detail and line work.

Series 333 brushes have an extra fine point for painting lines, long scroll work and detail. 

Series 666 brushes are a flat wash brushes for edges, shapes or applying washes.

Series 667 brush points can be used for detail work, or it can be pressed to create a curved or straight wedge.

Series 668 brushes have a flat head with oval tip for creating a broad stroke with a soft edge. 


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Cotman Watercolour Brushes

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